Sunday, March 3, 2013

Radical Family! Parenting: A Guide for Parenting with Compassion, Honesty, Respect, and Unconditional Love

UPDATE:  Jess' book has been published and is available through The Book Patch.  

My husband, Jess, is in the final stages of revising his parenting book: Radical Family! Parenting: A Guide for Parenting with Compassion, Honesty, Respect, and Unconditional Love. 

Jess has worked with children and families since 1994, in a variety of settings, as an early childhood education teacher, mentor, and parenting coach. He's also been a dad for over 16 years. Jess has degrees in sociology,  education, and early childhood education.

He will be using a Print On Demand website to publish his book. He chose to use a POD because it will allow him to get the book into print more quickly, to have more creative control, and to buy books for personal use at a lower price. That last reason is important. Jess will be using the book with families he works with and he will also be buying books to bring with him when he has speaking engagements such as this May, at LIFE is Good Conference.

The challenge is that Jess was laid off five months ago from the nonprofit organization where he was working as a parenting coach. Because he has worked for nonprofit organizations for his entire career, our family has always lived with a modest income. Going from small income to no income/living on unemployment isn't easy when you are already living without funds for discretionary spending or savings. This comes into play when publishing a book because, no matter how you publish, you don't get copies of your own book for free.

In light of this Jess has started an indiegogo campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise funds so that he can afford to buy copies of the book. When you contribute to the campaign you are making this possible.

Here's the blurb from the indigogo page to give you more information about the book:

What is Radical Family! Parenting?

Radical Family! Parenting is the culmination of nearly two decades of supporting children and families. Having worked with hundreds of families and taught several conventional parenting curriculums, Jess Robertson grew increasingly disheartened by the lack of compassion being shown to children. Books such as Alfie Kohn's Unconditional Parenting offered some perspectives that were helpful for supporting families but he was unable to find a parenting curriculum that personified the value of unconditional love. Discovering the world of Whole-Life Unschooling, in 2009, Jess was encouraged by the close and respectful relationships he saw between parents and children. Over the next few years Jess noticed that some families in the Unschooling community struggled to put into practice the values they held. He also believed that no matter a family's perspective on learning, values of kindness were applicable and needed by all. Thus began the two year journey of writing a guide book to support parents who were looking for help in their pursuit of having an unconditionally loving relationship with their children. 

You can contribute to Help Publish Radical Family! Parenting: A Guide for Parenting with Compassion, Honesty, Respect, and Unconditional Love  HERE.   Thank you.

I am crocheting scarves as a perk for the campaign. They are fun to wear or give as gifts. Here are two samples:

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