Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Raising Allies

My most recent blog post, Consent, quickly reached over 900 page views in a week. For some blogs that is just a drop in the bucket, but for my little blog that made it my 6th most read blog post, including all page views since I began blogging in May of 2007! I started thinking about why people took the time to read and share that post when I can write a post that I'm quite proud of, or think says something important, and it will be lucky to reach 30 people. I also considered what I'm passionate about and what inspires me to write.

Before I knew it a new blog, Raising Allies, had come to life in my mind and was launched online before I could talk myself out of it. If you follow With The Family, you may want to start following Raising Allies. I hope to continue blogging both places, but for a while Raising Allies will be my focus.

So, what's this new blog about? Here's what it says on the Welcome page:

Welcome to Raising Allies!

Raising Allies is a blog that advocates parenting respectfully, with unconditional love and compassion, fully accepting our children as the individuals they are. 

My desire is to raise children who are compassionate people, and who experience diversity and inclusion as the norm. 

Blog posts relate to straight allies, body acceptance, slut shaming, rape culture, accessibility, inclusion, diversity, non-binary gender, and similar topics. 

Links to resources about these topics, particularly as they relate to parenting or children, will be included.   

Raising Allies is a safe, supportive, and encouraging space.

I would love your ideas and input on topics to write about, resources to add, or links to go with any particular post. I'm also open to kindly worded constructive criticism.  Email me at

You can "like" Raising Allies on facebook HERE.

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