About Me

Sometimes when people are responding to my blog posts I think of the Weepies song, "Nobody Knows Me At All."

 When I was a child everybody smiled, nobody knows me at all
Very late at night and in the morning light, nobody knows me at all
Now I got lots of friends, yes, but then again, nobody knows me at all..

If you don't know me in real life you may be wondering who I am, what my qualifications are and why I write this blog. Here are a few paragraphs about me, but if you read them remember: people are complex and there will still be a lot about me you don't know.

I am a wife and the mother of three girls presently ages 15, 16, 19. Our family began it's unschooling journey over 6 years ago. We have been vegetarians for over a decade. When we aren't out for a walk you'll often find several of us sitting together, each with a computer on our lap.

I have been reading and learning about parenting for over 25 years. I started reading Mothering magazine when I was a nanny in my teens. I continued to nanny into my 20's. Over the years I have read dozens of books on parenting. Having married a man who worked in the field of Early Childhood Education, I may not be a parenting expert but I live with one.

I'm just another parent on the journey. Every day I'm learning and growing. I don't always get it right. I don't always have the answers. I have my really great days and those I'd like to do over.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
nothing is going to get better. 
It's not."
~Dr. Seuss

Why do I write this blog? I care a whole awful lot about children and their families. I enjoy writing and I am passionate about letting people know that there is a different way to live together as a family. I want to support parents, but really I'm here for the kids. I want the world to be a place where all children are treated with respect and raised without punishment, bribes, threats and other manipulations. I want children to feel safe and loved unconditionally for who they are at every phase of their journey to adulthood.

I also write this blog so on my not so great days my own words can serve to remind me of who I want to be and how we want to live as a family.