Give My Kids Red Vines

It has been over a year since I wrote my post on Why I buy Redvines with my EBT Card.  It has become my most read post of all times. Thank you, every one of you! who has taken time to read it, share it, and consider the larger picture when it comes to why families are on food assistance and why they buy what they buy with their EBT Card.

I recently reread the post and realized we are in pretty much the same situation now as we were then. We don't know how we'll pay the bills next month and our kids know that we don't have money for Christmas gifts. And while handmade gifts are awesome, what my kids need in the way of clothes, shoes, and materials to follow their passions can't be crocheted. But we've come along way, too. We haven't lost our house, my husband is in the 2nd round of edits on his first novel, he's finishing up his business degree by spring, and he's applied for a whole lot of jobs. In August he was in the top 3 candidates for a full time faculty position at a community college, it was pretty soul crushing when he wasn't selected, but it gives us hope that he'll get a position some where some day. Community colleges are already posting their job openings for next September. That's a long way away, but we stay hopeful.

My husband has always worked for nonprofit organizations, which means he's never been paid a whole lot. He was laid off October 2012, unemployment ran out in April 2013. He's going to school part time, working at the community college part time, writing his 2nd book, and continuing to be an awesome dad and husband, all while living with fibromyalgia, which he's suffered from for almost a decade.

We have three kids, I have my own health issues, and our earned income is around $1,000 a month. It's hard. We are working toward getting to a better financial situation, but there are a lot of challenges to over-come.

If you'd like to help please consider buying my husband's book, his website is Here.

If you appreciate what I've written, and you are able to, please consider helping me buy Red Vines for my kids without using my EBT Card, or help me buy them shoes, winter jackets, or pay utilities bills.

You may help us directly through PayPal using the address.

If you can't or don't want to help us out in a tangible way, please know that I deeply appreciate your visit to With The Families. Thanks for reading what I write! Every writer hopes for an audience, thank you for being mine.


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